If you are reading this, I decided to trash the site and move to another domain. While it has served as a secondary home for our community and MilSim operations, I am thankful for John Wildkins(retired captain, or major, I don't remember...) for giving me this site for the years to come. I've decided it is time to switch domains for reasons.

1. I am concerned for my privacy rights. Lots of political BS going on, and I like everyone else, is trying to keep a low profile. Flash player for instance, is very vulnerable. I won't be using it anymore.

2. I will not give the location or name of the new site for security reasons, to prevent enemy spies and YT/Google fanatic whackjobs from messing with my turf. YouTube is lost, I have tried with small groups of other people to reverse it back but in the end, people just don't care. So I'm fed up with the human race as it is. It's time to return the favor. Which means SKMC or any other military branch cannot be joined in public anymore. I am not looking for recruits. I will only pick those who I trust, and those that have been affiliated with, or have been in SKMC and nowhere else. Thankfully I have an alternative to YouTube that which I can continue my filmworks and any future exclusive sneak previews of any mods I make, be it for Oblivion, Fallout, Skyrim or whatever.

Rest assured, we are not going away anytime soon. My enemies can keep pushing all they want, but they'll never break my iron guard. They have underestimated me and always have. However, I see no purpose in housing this site because I don't have any money to pay for these 'modules' Enjin offers for admins, plus nobody donates. My intention was to run my site/forum freely without charge. And that's what I'm going to continue doing. SKMC isn't dead in the water, far from it actually. I'm just only getting warmed up. And like I said, we will be around for a long, long time...

The address of the site's new url will be given only to my most trusted circle of friends, and those who've proven their loyalty to the SKMC for years. Those are the people I want. I will reject spies at my earliest opportunity. We will still continue our operations, invisible but always present. And to protect those who cannot defend themselves.

With regards, your military governor, and Grand Marshall of the SKMC...